Gynecology - Bladder Problems/Leakage


The loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence) is a common problem. Leakage of urine is sometimes caused by a cough or sneeze (stress incontinence) or by a sudden need to urinate (urge incontinence.) Urge incontinence can also be a symptom of an overactive bladder. 

Urodynamics, a test used to help diagnose incontinence problems, can be done in our office.  Below is a questionnaire to be completed prior to urodynamic testing as well as a paper describing the what to expect during the test.

Bladder Health Questionnaire              Urodynamics: What to Expect

Although common, urinary incontinence is not a normal part of aging. This problem has many possible causes and treatments.

Bladder infections (cystitis) are common in women. Most cases are caused by bacteria and are treated with antibiotics. If infections become recurrent, they are treated differently to prevent repeated infections. 

Incontinence surgery for "leaky bladders" is now being done as outpatient surgery. Refinements in materials and techniques over the past 10 years have allowed for a shorter recovery with excellent results.

Pelvic support surgeries

American Urogynecologic Society

 The physicians at OB/GYN Associates of Southern Indiana are keeping abreast of these newer techniques and are bringing them here to our patients in Southern Indiana.

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