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 Breast Feeding

Babies who are breast-fed have fewer infections and allergies during the first year of life than babies who are fed formula. Breast milk is also inexpensive and served at the perfect temperature.  Overall, breast milk is nature's best food for young babies.

Breastfeeding is also good for mom. Breast-feeding becomes especially convenient when a mother is traveling with her baby.  It requires no advance planning or packing, no equipment and it is always available.  There are no bottles, nipples or formula to buy and no half emptied bottles or opened cans of formula to waste. 

Breastfeeding helps speed the shrinking of the uterus back to its prepregnant size and with proper diet can help burn off the fat accumulated during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding also brings you and your baby together, skin to skin, eye to eye several times a day providing emotional gratification while sharing love and intimacy with your baby. 


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